Happy GoVie Lourie

About the Artist

Happy GoVie Lourie

is an artist currently residing in southern California. She is a multidisciplinary creative working with paint, sculpture, metal, wood, textiles as well as digital mediums.

After excelling in the fields of art during her formative years, she received a scholarship and attended Laguna College of Art and Design.

In 2016 she founded Little Van Go, a paint company which offers lessons in principles of painting to people of all ages.

Besides teaching she is the founder of a Gnarwall Threads, a clothing company she began developing in a logo assignment in a college class. Happy often uses her art work in the unique garments the company creates.

Her art, design & work has been utilized by Jean-Jacques Maine, Harland Clarke, Anawalt Lumber, Weed Cellars, Salvation Army, Meridian Textiles, Fam Brands, Solow and others.

When she is not teaching, painting, designing, or making product packaging, Happy also makes art prints and products for her online store. She enjoys making art, being creative and collaborating with other artists & clients - "always learning from all the walks of life".