Rowan Foley

About the Artist

Rowan Foley is an emerging Painter and Sculptor originating from Southern California. Drawing inspiration from classical narratives and themes, Foley masterfully intertwines the past and present in her art, illuminating the profound interplay between contemporary artistic expressions and their deep historical foundations. With a profound exploration of the human struggle, her artwork delves into the intricate complexities that define our shared existence. Foley captures the essence of our collective experience, inviting viewers to ponder the labyrinthine depths of human existence. Her work serves as a bridge between eras, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and contemplation. Foley's art is a testament to her exceptional artistic vision and unwavering dedication to creating thought-provoking and visually interesting pieces.

ROWAN is an emerging artist whose works in sculpture, drawing, and painting show the influence of contemporary figurative academia while striving for something more profound. She strives to create work that is a physical representation of my emotional experience of being alive. She believes that through vulnerability, art can tap into a universality of experience that is profoundly moving, and she is constantly searching for that depth through her work.

ROWAN is currently showing her work at the Festival of the Arts and Wood's Cove Art Studio and Gallery in Laguna Beach. She has her work in private collections across the United States has and she has her work Published in the “Best of Drawing” 2021 edition of Strokes of Genius Magazine. In October ROWAN will be showing her work at the Florence Biennale in Italy.